Balancing Profit and Passion - Tyree C. Worthy

Guest Blogger: Tyree C. Worthy

Tyree C. Worthy is a marketing manager, writer/editor, and event planner based in New Orleans. Loyola Univeristy New Orleans graduate and member of multiple nonprofit boards, he lives his purpose and always looks to do and learn more. Read writings and find out more at

Over the last few years, I've learned to focus my talents on two professions: one that makes me money, and one that makes me happy. My little sister just finished high school and will soon start her college career. She's an artsy, imaginative spirit that works hard and plays the game of academia–reminding me of myself.

She loves to create, whether it be songs and melodies or sketches and shirt designs. But knowing how full those industries are and how subjective taste and price can be, my parents and I both suggested a more concrete way to make a living.

Personally, I do marketing and general managing for a news organization, which fills both my sense of purpose in the world and my pockets. My expression of imagination and passion comes in the form of writing prose and curating social events that move and inspire people.

After years of learning and plotting different ideas and directions, I've found a balance I'm happy with. Being my own boss turned out to be the best outcome for me. I get to use all of my talents on my own time. I'm part of the generation of clever multi-taskers and corresponding low wages, so slow and steady development means longevity and less burnout. Self-expression means self-preservation.

I tell my sister to pursue it all. If your passion can make you money, dive into it. But keep security in mind. Find something you're good at that could make you a consistent livable wage, and balance the two.