Video for All - Greg Tilton

Guest Blogger: Greg Tilton

Greg Tilton is a co-founder and cinematographer at inDEPTH Media, a New Orleans-based video production company. He is also an avid podcast producer and currently produces the shows Rumor Flies and Jack of Trades!

The stats speak for themselves.  Most people recognize the need and efficacy of video content. The audience retention you can achieve is staggering no matter what industry you are in. So the question often becomes, “How do I get more video content for my brand?”

Videos, like cars, homes, or anything else, come in many forms and at different price points. Whether you hire a professional company to plan, create, and distribute with you, or you choose to simply use your phone in-house, you should be making something!

It is important to know the tools and resources out there at your disposal. First, consider the local companies or individuals you can work with. Since videos are rarely “one size fits all,” it is important to reach out to these groups with an idea of what you want and what your budget is. You will often find that even if your project does not conform to your budget, video companies will often tell you what they can do for your budget. In that vein, I often recommend short, punchy social media highlight videos for brands that are dipping their toes into video content for the first time. Usually they require smaller teams, less equipment, and gives the filming party more creative freedom, which often results in a great, stylized final product (though it is always important to communicate your objective and audience!)

If your capital is locked up and videos are simply not something you can invest in at this time, there are amazing tools that will unleash a smart phone's full potential. Filmic Pro is an amazing app both for android and iOS (*Note: I am in no way affiliated with Filmic Pro). Here is an example of a video shot entirely on my iPhone 7+. For $15 you get incredible tools, such as frame rate control, shutter and aperture control, and all sorts of general exposure and color tools. You'll have to tinker a bit to get used to it, but you'll never want to use your standard video option again once you get the hang of it. With Filmic you will be able to shoot clean, stylized videos perfect for social media. I use it constantly during travel, events, for behind the scenes footage, and more.

So there you have it. Video is within reach, whether you find yourself working with a professional video production team or attempting to create your own content. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with a little planning and an idea of what you want to accomplish. Hopefully this little primer will help you along the way. Good luck and hope to see your work soon!

This blog is somewhat related to a TEDx talk I gave about how and why everyone should be using video (see below).