Running Away or Driving Towards Something

I've put off this post for a while because of a few things: busier schedule, a lot more traveling and I've been trying to figure out how exactly to say what I feel. Hopefully, someone might understand what I'm getting at...

One of the best life lessons I ever got was from a former account supervisor I worked with. She told me, "never let anyone rush you to do anything." Meeting deadlines or running late to a meeting is one thing, but there are times I still have to remind myself of what she said. Even being self-employed, I feel like I need a minute to catch my breath. 

Instant gratification is something that my generation strides for in everything. We want to feel good all the time and it has to happen the instant we wake up. People drift through life, floating from one good feeling to the next while not taking the time to look up from their phones to see what's around them. 

Some are not even willing to do the hard work and sacrifice it takes to move forward in life. The minute we are faced with a problem, we shut down and act as if we have failed. It feels like everything that we have worked for was a waste. 

I'll admit it, I'm sucker for compliments. Who doesn't like to feel like they're on top of the world all the time? The constant, steady stream of 'positive feelings,' can almost feel like a drug. It leads to a euphoria and you want more of it. 

I love going from one challenge to the next. I'm always trying to do something new, meet more people and travel to different places. When I was younger, I thought it was because I got bored too quickly. As I got older, I realized I was rushing myself without setting a goal. I look back and ask myself, 'where was I going in such a hurry?' It's as if I was running away from myself for no reason other than I just wanted to run.

Everyone takes strides towards success. Whether that's launching your own business, working for a promotion or starting a new career. We define how successful we are by laying out goals and attempting to reach them. For some, success is defined by wealth. For others, it's defined by the impact you leave behind. As we get older, time reminds us that life is a journey. That it's not about what you leave behind but how you lived. 

We all try to stick to some plan for life we try to lay out early on. The minute we feel that something negative happens to that plan, we beat ourselves up and get frustrated.

What has become more clear for me is that life has a funny way of leading you to where you should be. 

I was so positive that I was going to be heading to Hawaii next month. I thought I had a plan. But, life seems to have a different plan for me. Business is picking up, my schedule is getting busier and I'm getting back into a positive groove. I look back at Hawaii and I think to myself, was I just running away for the sake of running away again? My career as a freelancer is driving me towards something that I'm finally learning to understand. We all control how fast or how slow we want to succeed. But we can't let someone define our success for us. 

Don't let anyone tell you where you should go in life. At the end of the day, it's what's best for you. There are times we need to be selfish as long as it's for self-improvement. Before you quit, ask yourself, "I am running away or am I driving towards something?" For me, it looks like I'll be driving further south (but that is for another blog). 

Repetition and dedication lead you to achieving your goals. Just make sure that you are the one that defines that success. No matter what it is, or even if there is a way for me to help, I wish you the best.