From Left to Right - Carmalia Lee

Carmalia Lee is a public relations major at Tulane University and my first intern. Carmalia is back in New Orleans, helping me manage accounts and learn a few things about working for yourself in PR. Keep up the great work Carmalia!

Over the years, I have worked for companies like Cargill and Wells Fargo. My jobs ranged from providing operational support to consulting in human resources. Much of my professional career has been working with others to understand how employees contribute to their organizations and how that impacts the overall business. This involved understanding what inspires and motivates people to support the company for which they work. The jobs were challenging, interesting and kept the left side of my brain fittingly engaged. 

Though I loved that work, after decades, the formerly hibernating right side of my brain awakened. I was starving for opportunities to be expressive creatively. So to feed the now ravenous right side of my brain, I am currently pursuing an avenue that incorporates the primary aspect I enjoyed about my former role—determining what incites people to connect and engage with a business—into one that affords a bit more opportunity to so by creating publishable content rather than formulaic spreadsheets. 

Fortunately, I’ve caught my second career wind and I’ve delved into a course of study at Tulane in public relations and also, a really great internship with James Lambert Consulting. Working with James positions me to gain insight into the inner workings of this field and how best to build relationships between business and the people who support them. 

Outside of work, when I don’t have my nose in a novel, I am spending time with my soon-to-be eight year old daughter, Gianna, and our feisty little pit-bull-wanna-be Chihuahua, Julien. Together, we love exploring New Orleans and occasionally venturing out of it. We are regulars at art museums, sandy beaches and anywhere music is playing.