What People are saying 

James has given support and advice to my start-up business that’s been incredibly helpful. His input on my client base, promotional and marketing opportunities and development has been invaluable as someone new to the entrepreneur game. I’ll continue consulting him as my business grows!
— Michelle Mashon, Founder, Bon Moment

James was able to actualize my full-potential in the most competitive and oversaturated market in the world, New York City. His strategies and implementation took my NYC DJ service to the next level by connecting me to interviews, scheduling my social media posts, and consulting on my marketing decisions.
— DJ CoolHand

I find myself recommending James Lambert more than any other marketing person I’ve ever worked with. He’s an expert and a true powerhouse when it comes to branding and perception, and he’s completely changed the way I view my own business on more than one occasion. Just having coffee with this guy is 110% worth it.
— Nick Noble, Nick Noble Works